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Monday, August 28, 2006

My first NoMad post

I have no clue what to say in my first post as a no mad but I know I'll enjoy it, hope you enjoy me being here.

If you want to know more I have spoken my mind in this blog, going into different moods and phases now I'm in the marriage phase.

I'll see you soon


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lebanon - The After Math

I was really good in Math back in school but this has nothing to do with me being good or bad, if you take a look around and think beyond the victory of the battle (Not war, we will have an ongoing war for as long as the earth breath) we can see that Hezbollah is breaking a few points in 1701 let us see them:

1. Hezbollah is not going north Ellitany.

2. Hezbollah is not Turning in their weapons.

3. Hezbollah is still strong.

Now let's do the math.

Whenever someone is annoying Israel they go to war with them.

Whenever they cannot do anything about it they turn the world against them.

The US is now waiting for the right time, after the Lebanon army takes over the boarder they will be waiting for Hezbollah to turn over the weapons, they will refuse.

From the UN point of view they will be not going by 1701 which said they have to turn over their weapons.
Now the UN can move to un-arm Hezbollah led by America, something similar to what happened in Iraq and we will be counting the third country down.

Next comes Syria ... But that's another issue

Guards on

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We got an extraction fan

Why is this news? I'll tell you.

First for those who have no idea what is going on, I am still in the preparation phase, married on paper as they say around here.

Ezabi & Eman yesterday made the move and gave us our wedding present, an beautiful extraction fan, I am usually sarcastic but now I am not, it is beautiful

I told them I will be putting it on the blog they thought I was kidding, I promis a photo as soon as I install it, it was perfect color and size, everything was great.

Something to note, if they haven't have got it, I would have, but trust me I have no clue how.

Thanks a lot Ezabees


Monday, August 14, 2006

I Woke Up Today

This is something you would do everyday without even noticing that there is something different or weird about waking up.

For me it is a chance to start over, to delete whatever happened yesterday and I did not want, to sustain what good I did or tried to do, to expand my knowledge, to see beyond the obvious, to get an answer for all the Ys that I have. Sometimes the day passes without accomplishing any of this, but that is exactly what I was taking about, the beauty of waking up.

Second chances.

One of the people that I don't understand at all is René Magritte the Belgian Surrealist Painter, 1898-1967 of "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" (This is not a pipe)

A very weird guy

Be well Lebanon

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I just felt like it

I was just sitting there and then decided to post a picture of me and my wife in a feloka (small boat) on the Nile, don't ask me why I did it or anything but it felt like a nice thing to do.

Love you.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stop Fuelling The Lebanees Fires

I believe it is a regional request not just Egyptian, I know that the streets remembered our Natural Gas exports to Israel and the QIZ as soon as the war (Branded by Aljazera as "The Sixth War") started.

Are they fuelling thier tanks with Egyptian Natural Gas? A question arose in the minds of those who are worried about thier brothers and sisters in Lebanon being from the She'aa, Sunna, Christians or other faiths I don't know about.

The fact is, we don't know, maybe those tanks run on Gasoline, maybe they fuel it with plane fuel, we don't care.

What we care about is... If they made the deal then it's in thier best interest, we have an edge (If we can use it ofcourse) we can take this away and I believe the backup will make them at least unhappy.

1. Egypt will not be on the friends list, we know Syria isn't and Iran isn't and for sure Lebanon is
2. While the card of aiding a terrorist organization is being waved against Syria and Iran it is not far from being waved at Egypt too.
3. The thrown of Egypt will not be passed on Father to Son
4. The Israel homeland (From Nile to Fourat) will happen and the big war for the end of time will happen as promised.

The good thing about doing this now is... A lot of fronts niether Israel nor the US can handel from the militery aspect and the political, as other nations have mutual interests in the region they will not leave America to get to this point and maybe the nuclear war.

I quote (can't remember who) "And I promis you, World War 4 will be with stones"

Isn't life swell?

Victory is on its way