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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stop Fuelling The Lebanees Fires

I believe it is a regional request not just Egyptian, I know that the streets remembered our Natural Gas exports to Israel and the QIZ as soon as the war (Branded by Aljazera as "The Sixth War") started.

Are they fuelling thier tanks with Egyptian Natural Gas? A question arose in the minds of those who are worried about thier brothers and sisters in Lebanon being from the She'aa, Sunna, Christians or other faiths I don't know about.

The fact is, we don't know, maybe those tanks run on Gasoline, maybe they fuel it with plane fuel, we don't care.

What we care about is... If they made the deal then it's in thier best interest, we have an edge (If we can use it ofcourse) we can take this away and I believe the backup will make them at least unhappy.

1. Egypt will not be on the friends list, we know Syria isn't and Iran isn't and for sure Lebanon is
2. While the card of aiding a terrorist organization is being waved against Syria and Iran it is not far from being waved at Egypt too.
3. The thrown of Egypt will not be passed on Father to Son
4. The Israel homeland (From Nile to Fourat) will happen and the big war for the end of time will happen as promised.

The good thing about doing this now is... A lot of fronts niether Israel nor the US can handel from the militery aspect and the political, as other nations have mutual interests in the region they will not leave America to get to this point and maybe the nuclear war.

I quote (can't remember who) "And I promis you, World War 4 will be with stones"

Isn't life swell?

Victory is on its way


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