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Friday, June 16, 2006

Be greatful no matter what

I read a peice on PTP talking about how our country is going down the drain, everything is going bad, and I wanted to say this.

Before you read, you should know it's not about religion, it's more about doing the right thing.

I remember a movie (can't recall the name) where this IT guy invented a program that take cents out of a bank account everyday and it is applied on several banc accounts.

In a few days this guy made millions, no one noticed, of course someone finds out and the guy goes to jail but that's not real life.

In real life if you are taking a penny out of every account everyday no one will know and you'll be a millionaire.

Ibrahim Essa wrote this week about ElShaikh ElSharawy (not related to me) saying that in 1967 he was praying, thanking Allah for the defeat we got, a conversation between him and his son took place about why he is doing that.

Explaining his views, he said that if we had won the war (No one wins in wars, only 2 losers) then communism would have won and the fact that most of the people were away from God's path with the winning situation would have establish a thought that we don't need God to win, thus he was happy for the defeat.

Now we have a situation, we are being robbed, all the counties wealth is being taken to secret Swiss bank accounts, corruption is everywhere, I really believe that this is the message telling us all, "wake up and smell the coffee" it's a bell for all of us to get back to the rules that we once forgot.



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