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Monday, May 01, 2006

Let me blog some

Bloggers, I got married, Ezabi got married and lots of young, brave, free men and women got arrested. These people, thier only fault is that they are looking for a better future for themselves and thier kids.

Off a great
blog , I got the news, 15 people got arrested cause they said no, they said no for emergency law extentions, they said no for the forgery of election results, they said no for the control of the state over the legal system (judges) they said no to the lock up of jornalists in pubication crimes, they said no to the regiem.

What kind of state loses everyone, fights everyone, for what? For whom?

I sit here and wonder


  • At 12:49 PM , Anonymous ezabi said...

    This is how they can control, although this method has proven a failure in all the countries because sooner or later people using this way of control are erradicated, they could stay in control for nearly a quarter of a century by using the genuine method of pretending to be stupid, this is just like "Shaaban" who wins by making people think he's stupid or ignorant while he's the smart one.
    Same was applied by some regimes, by pretending they are innocent and stupid, that they are being taken advantage of by their surroundings, but halas, the time has passed, acting is of no effect anymore, specially in an open world like ours, where no lie can live for more than a night, hence the strategy of the coward has to be used...


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