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Sunday, January 15, 2006

A trip and a trip

I'm a slow blogger I know, I might get used to it soon and write more frequently, anyways, here is what this is about.

I left for a training course in Cyprus on the 28th of August 2005, 5 weeks of not so hard work, lots of time to roam around the island, see new places and know new people.

My experince cannot be named but marvelous, I really enjoyed not seeing policemen anywhere, I enjoyed relatively clean street, extremely different driving attitude and last but not least people leaving others alone (as far as I was concerned).

Deep down I really wish I lived there, well actually I still think about it as an option when the right time comes.

This trip... Different people... different culture... different attitude. All good

My recent experince, Basata, for those who don't know it, it's a resort between Newaibaa' and Taba on the east coast of Sinai.

They have resort rules, the owner or one of the guys working there show you around and tell you about it, no high mobile rings, no loud music (you can have your iPod in your ears) signs all around to keep the sand clean, one kitchen for everyone, a big fridge for everyone, public toilets (Clean ones), they use salted water for flushing, cleaning plates with another sink filled with water to risen the salted water, they operate on a trust factor, everyone have a sheet in which they write down what they take. A real enviroment friendly place, this is not what I was amazed by, it was simply the people, obeying the rules voluntarily, happy to live in a clean place, organised, friendly and to my amazement they were mostly egyptians, YES, those same egyptians that I've been nagging about how unorganized they were.

In short I would say the trip was... same people... same culture... different attitude. All good.

Can Cairo be like that one day?
If a small group of people are like that, I think gradually we will change.

But I still have this deep passion for Lefkosia :)



  • At 1:25 AM , Blogger Eman M said...

    If a small group of people are like that, I think gradually we will change.

    We all have the same dream :)

  • At 12:30 AM , Anonymous Mermaid said...

    I went to those two places two :) Cyprus, did you see how polluted-free it is? Though it has different races but everyone abides by the rules. Why in Egypt, where there is (almost) only one race, none can abide by the rules?

    Basata, I literally crave for it… I wish I could go there every 4 months or something. I liked your note that it operates on a trust factor. And this makes me wonder, do people act maliciously when they found others not trusting them or this is a trait in one’s nature? Well, I think good people will act well anywhere!


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