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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Black Wednesday

I hope most of you know what the title is about, for those of you who don't know please allow me to give you some toplines.
On Wednesday 26th of May, the people we called to vote for the constitutional change, I for one don't really care about that issue, I'm not that into politics, but what happened was...
Some people who know more about politics than I do assembeled to say no to what's happening, they have surtain worries concerning the change.
Still that's not the issue, the problem was -and still is- that they tell you we need democracy, if you don't accept it as is, then you're in trouble.
On that day people were harassed, women's clothes were torn to pieces, they were mugs and beaten up by bullies, whom were left by the police to do the job they were hiered for (who's the boss, no one knows but we can guess).

Black wednesday, it's today 1st of June, we all wear black in protest, silent protest is all we can do now, out of grief and sorrow, we wear black so people who didn't notice start noticing.

I really hope we can change, it's for the best of everyone


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