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Monday, March 06, 2006

Who Said we're close minded fools?

You can find the post here but all I wanna say is that we are not close minded fools, we are simply just fools, the thing we used to say (some still say it) "rules are made to be broken", so whenever you feel like doing something all you need to do is make a rule against it and start breaking you rule.

We see the idiotology of the Saudi rules, and sometimes you feel they have a rational for it, but I bet you that behin those closed black windows of those expensive cars there are women who are driving.

Malls are closed to single men on certain days of the week, while back when the rules were made, we had women selling thier goods every single days, we had men and women going to the market every single day, we had people so close that sometimes they know who this lady is (from behind the full viel) and they know which family she's from and this was the way that this community was much better than we are, it's not about setting stupid rules.

Saudies spend half thier lives outside saudi, they cannot take it in there, they need to breath fresh air.

I remember how sad I was to leave Cyprus, I loved the place, but what I really remember is how sad a Saudi friend was to return to Saudi, it was like going back to jail.



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