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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Well I stole the title, off a friend's nickname on msn, so, we all have these fases, and yes I am trippin' big time.

Some days pass by and you sit down and see all the things that happened all day and you know for a fact that this day was not worth living, you know that waking up this morning was meaningless, you didn't do one thing you wanted to do (Not that you planned anything) but it just went by, for a movie to a movie, from a channel to a channel and you didn't even see the good ones, you went out before primetime and went back after it was over.

Planning the next day is even harder, you lost your edge, the thing that makes you go on, the thing that can really help you live the next day.

Me, Myself and I, something I've been known for, yes that's me, I'm so self focused that sometimes things pass by me and I don't see it, just a few small things that would have made a difference and can make me go on. I just didn't see it.

Anyways if anyone understood what I am trying to say then I'm not trppin' that much.



  • At 8:08 PM , Anonymous ezabi said...

    El sanf da madroob

  • At 1:39 AM , Blogger Omar Ali said...

    I didn't understand anything so I think that all you need is a big cup of dark coffee and cold shower :)

  • At 10:27 AM , Blogger Hariry said...

    Tab3an ana fahem enta 3ayez t2ooleh. There's nothing wrong with being self focused, but everything is wrong when u r blinded by ur self focus.
    A day wasted is a day wasted, don't get hanged up on the fact u wasted a day, becuase u simply waste more time.
    Try to plan ur day in advance, especially weekends and vacation (weekdays r usually driven by what work u need to finish), even if the plan is to rest at home on the couch and watch 7 movies.

    salam ya sa7by


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