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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Durex issue

"Does not affect future fertility (decreases women's risk for developing pre-cancerous cells on the cervix.) and has no hormonal side effects."

This was one of a few reasons to use condoms written on the Durex website, yes Durex, i saw the ad on my messenger and I was curious on thier positioning, ya I'm turning into a workoholic, well not really turning but I am a workoholic.

Well the point, do they really tell you why women have a risk for developing pre-cancerous cells or rather cancer?

Well, it's known medically that having more than one man (i.e. more than one sperm type on the cervix) can and will get this woman cancer, and this is a fact.

One more thing, the cervix can accept a new man after 3 months, yes 90 days and the cervix is as clean as a virgin.

Something I never wrote about, and I don't intend to write much about, religion, yes Islam, almost 1400 years ago we had a messenger he told us, when a couple get a divorce, the woman cannot remary before 3 months had past, yes those same 3 months that take the cervix to go back to normal and be ready to accept another man's sperms.

Dig it up if you got intrested



  • At 10:18 AM , Blogger Dido's^^^ said...

    Hi Ahmed,
    Amazing piece of info you are posting here !! Sob7an Allah fe3lan :)

  • At 12:09 PM , Blogger Haitham said...


    Excellent info. I wish you would take the same approach (religion) to try to change people's attitudes in the street, at work, .... in Egypt.

    Why not? read your own blogs and your own questions about why are the same people acting differently in different places ... to have a sustained attitude towards anything in life it has to come from within each person.

    Of course the easy answer is make rules and enforce them (worked in Basata but not in the streets of Cairo).

    Looking forward to read more blogs.

    salam ya sa7by

  • At 12:58 AM , Blogger Ahmed ElSharawy said...

    unfortunatly it's not make rules and enforce them, it's more of make rules and make people believe it's importance, there was no law enforcment, when u see something wrong u tell the person to stop it and they do.



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