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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The future of us

Do we even know who "us" are?

It is a real question that I have no idea how to answer it, I define us by those who have common interests with me, but still... Do I know that these common interests would remain common, or interests?

Let us take an example, maybe I'll understand what I'm saying...

Say we have a supplier, he's interested in selling me more... I'm interested in buying more as I will resell what I buy - Common interest

Say this supplier found that his GP is not covering overheads and decided to increase prices, given that the market is stagnant, alternatively I will try and find a supplier and the common interests are not so common after all...

This was in business... us is not really defined, however in nationalism things are more stable, in religion, things are even more stable...

Everyone of us needs the sense of belonging, human nature... The more stable your pact is the more defined it is the more stable you are... Sounds good?!!??!? Not really...

The more stable you are the more sacrifice you are prepared to do for your belief, for your business you are willing to change your beliefs and maybe your pact, for your country you are willing to go out in demonstrations and some are willing to fight... For religion you are willing to kill yourself...

So now... What are you? What are you willing to sacrifice for "YOU"



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