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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If I Became President - Part 1 (Bottom Up)

First let me say that it was a long time since I wrote for no reason, I don't know who is reading and I don't think anyone is, but I will write even for the records only, maybe someone in 100 years will come and read this and it will be of use to them.

Back to the post, if I became president I will defiantly have lots of things to do, while reforming there are two schools that I know of (maybe there are more):

First is Bottom up: If you really want reform you have to change the base, the masses, the people who you are leading. This can come by a few things, like focused and centralized media that would keep coming up with messages that over the years will build the honesty and dedication that we need

Also have focus on supervision, lots of committees that look seriously and fast into the peoples' complaints, I guess we'll have to live with a start of 1% right complaints and by time people will understand that these committees are serious and they do look into everything with no bias and the false complaints are useless. Important note to be added to this, these investigations must not interfere with anyone's job.

Will open the licenses for everything, anyone who wants to invest in anything shall do that, only the market dictated the kind of business needed. No one shall close a shop for anything, if the owner doesn't pay taxes the guy goes to jail and the shop stays open, maybe he'll pay it later. The shop can be sold but not closed, families depend on this place for living and no one can provide the people with other jobs.

Have a one stop shop for licenses for factories, have the ministry of research do real research in the countries with the most prospect and guide (in terms of advice) the people on to what are the things they need to produce as to be able to export

Before all that I'd pave the roads and will have a trusted committee report all the streets in Egypt, I'll get someone with experience to plan the whole thing from scratch, fines on traffic violations will increase tremendously and the person applying it will be one of the highest paid officials in the country

The government will be employer of choice again as it used to be, everyone will go through serious tests to be accepted in a job, people will be guided on what kind of training s they will need to take in order to be qualifies for some jobs.

There will be serious fines for littering, anyone seen throwing their garbage outside the specified box will be fined and warned and might serve up to 1 month in jail, also denied working in any governmental entity.

Green will be the color of the country, not the flag but the country, people polluting will be fined and the pollution object will be confiscated after a certain period of time, people will be able to either fix or sell at a scrap yard anything that is polluting the air.

No factories will be allowed to open within 100 km from any city if it doesn't meet the minimum standards for pollution.

The government offices will be moved outside Cairo in an attempt to move other businesses also to a better planned area with real highways, and coming to highways, anyone reported driving on the fast lane and expecting a speeding car to take its right and pass will be denied driving license for one month and in case this happened more than once he will not be allowed to drive again in Egypt.

ummm what else can we do to make life better, I will definitely need your help

This is my dream of making things happen, I don't know what can I do to reach theses objectives; I have no intentions of working in the political line. I just hope these things happen.

Next time we'll talk about the other approach (Top Down)


  • At 12:51 AM , Anonymous ezabi said...

    speaking of education,how about educating people to dump their hardcore consuming culture and think of what's really useful.
    also integrating the ecology awareness as an essential part in the education system, instead of just making polluter pay for their sins, make them know WHY they shouldn't be polluters


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