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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mid year review

Targets are set, plans are placed, work force are on the move. This is mainly how it goes in every single coorporate I ever heard about.

It has been 6 month now since I got married, I had to stop for a mid year review, I had to understand what hae I acomplished in the past 6 months, what have I not acomplished is the more appropriate question.

I can tell you one thing, I still find marriage a good thing, i feel that what I have reached in terms of maturity I would have never reached alone, it makes your senses grow to reach its full powers.

It makes you feel the whole thing much better. Those who say its not good must have did something wronge along the way.

I told you before and will tell you again, if proven otherwise I will let you know.



  • At 12:33 PM , Anonymous Dee said...

    I totally agree. It's almost a year since I got married & I tell you what, it's the best year of my life. We travelled to many places, and the amount of adventures we had in each place we visited can create a novel (Dan Brown type-of-novel). We didn't stop to have a mid year review, we didn't even notice it was six months already, we felt that the wedding was last week; the funny thing is, we still feel that way & it's almost a year.
    I love marriage life, it's so cool. Go for it!

  • At 10:56 PM , Anonymous Mermaid said...

    Am glad some men still think this way :) I loved what you wrote on AD after your first anniversary that it feels like it's been like this forever and at the same time that it feels fresh and new :) Rabena yebarekloko :)


  • At 3:46 PM , Blogger Dina El Hawary (dido's) said...

    ah that's a good thing to do! a 6 months review something that I didnt do before ..
    I am married for almost 3 years now and am still feeling good about it!
    I agree people who think else, most probably did something wrong along the way :)
    Kol 6 shohoor wentoo tayebeen!


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