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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lebanon - The After Math

I was really good in Math back in school but this has nothing to do with me being good or bad, if you take a look around and think beyond the victory of the battle (Not war, we will have an ongoing war for as long as the earth breath) we can see that Hezbollah is breaking a few points in 1701 let us see them:

1. Hezbollah is not going north Ellitany.

2. Hezbollah is not Turning in their weapons.

3. Hezbollah is still strong.

Now let's do the math.

Whenever someone is annoying Israel they go to war with them.

Whenever they cannot do anything about it they turn the world against them.

The US is now waiting for the right time, after the Lebanon army takes over the boarder they will be waiting for Hezbollah to turn over the weapons, they will refuse.

From the UN point of view they will be not going by 1701 which said they have to turn over their weapons.
Now the UN can move to un-arm Hezbollah led by America, something similar to what happened in Iraq and we will be counting the third country down.

Next comes Syria ... But that's another issue

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