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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time Machine

When you get into the time machine and go back a few years and find yourself wasting time, you will definitely stop and think what the hell are you doing, you was try to urge your past self not to waste that time in meaningless quests that you ended up loosing or gave up on achieving.

You will try to stop this past self from being the idiot you were once when you fell in love with someone that ended up to not be as she claimed to be.

You will try to tell yourself this is study time don't waste it and move on with your life.

You will try to tell yourself don't waste your health on things that were not as fun as they seemed at the time.

You will try to tell yourself don't spend the extra dime that you have and that it is worth saving for the rainy days.

You will try to tell yourself don't listen to those who may appear as your friends but deep down they have a hidden agenda regarding your well being.

You will try to tell yourself lots of thins and at a point you will not understand why your past self is not listening but it is, it will shout back: "Listen mister, if I do not do all those things you would have not been there, you are your own faults and leanings from those faults, you are your mistakes and if you want to do something you do it from now onwards and don't blame your past once for what you are, your past was simply your present at one point, you just need to imagine the future before doing any of those stupid things again."

Stunned, I took the time machine back and sat in a closed room with dim lights and thought...


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