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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If I Became President - Part 2 (Top down)

If I became president is a far fetched thing to think of, but hypothetically speaking what would every one of us do.

The objective of this post is not to tell the government what to do, but rather tell everyone of us who would be in one of the roles that the president would assign to them to start doing that without a president telling them to do it, we can be our own generators and with any president we could be much better.

The Top down approach is simply correct the management (administration) and the people will follow the rules, it goes as follows

First we have to have strict rules with strict enforcers, I will have someone who puts his nose into everything and will divide the ministries into smaller ministries until the minister has time for every single detail.

There must be clear cuts between different jurisdictions; everyone knows what is going on with his part of the world, no one answers for someone else’s problem, no one can say it wasn’t my fault, it is your responsibility and it can be tracked down to the smallest person without having the minister deny responsibility.

I will have a committee that deals with complaints that consists of three people each, and they rotate on other regional committees, they are not allowed to stay in one committee more than 3 month and not allowed to stay in on region more than 1 year, this to make sure that the committees are there for what they are there for and not to make personal vengeance.

We will change all the leaders who did not prove worth staying in all crucial positions in both the government and the publicly owned companies. A proper manpower ministry will be established lead by a group of HR managers/ directors/ consultants who had been working in the recruitment for a substantial time and will treat them in the same way as the complaints committees, round robin rotation method. They have to agree on one person based on preset criteria which must include a proven track record and a good will amongst counterparts, bosses and subordinates.

Government companies will be either reformed in the private business sense or sold to someone who can reform it, no loosing company will be kept owned for the sake of anything, this will all happen after having securing jobs for workers by getting foreign investment and establishing private equities that is publicly owned and mainly working with the Egyptian expat returns as this is the ideal way for them to invest and these companies will be insured by the central bank.

The tax law will be fair but strict, the American example of having jail penalties for those who do not pay their taxes or cheat in it.

I don’t know how much I can go on, but whatever thoughts I get later I will put them under random thoughts


  • At 12:55 AM , Anonymous ezabi said...

    seems your mind is already filled with corporate philosophy, that's not bad, specially when you look at the people already in power and are from corporate backgrounds but are applying only the filthy part of corporate policies

  • At 6:25 PM , Anonymous Amani said...

    Ahmed Basha,

    Loved the post (parts 1 and 2). Something not most ppl would sit and think about seriously like you did. Bass ana 3andi one comment. Enta ya handasa enherited the country in a sense of: government, big cities and millions of educated citizens who need jobs. I think this is all the dynamic (changing) part in a country. I would think a country is more about land, resources, citizens of all kinds (not necessarily educated, not necessarily in search of the jobs we look for). In that sense Egypt is a huge potential! More on this issue please :)


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