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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Answering Marx

I have been speaking with a lot of communists, I really understand what they are calling for, however I really disagree with a few points of what I've heard till now.. maybe I haven't heard enough or from the right people, however, I will take you through what I understood, what I am for and what I am against and my reasons for the same..

Surplus value, a term I've been recently introduced to, excuse my ignorance, but from all what I read that each person would be taking his needs only.. over that should be accumulated to open more factories, businesses.. etc. although I did not get who will be doing these choices I thought of two options:
- Government
- Representatives of the public

Government (a.k.a. Governmental Capitalism)
In this option it increases the power of governmental officials to extents that was monitored in Leftists countries that attempted to do that, also clearly illustrated in "Animal Farm" by George Orwell of the natural consequence of that route

Representatives of the public
Exactly the same as capitalists, they will be doing the same job and will be explaining for themselves that they are the key factor in this growth and naturally they deserve more than the others

Alternatively, we currently have a system that we can easily build on.. Main characteristics:
- Re-evaluating the contribution of each parameter of production to arrive at a fair distribution of wealth
- Always reward technical mastery
- Value innovation
- Respect workers needs
- Investors to support relevant research
- Increasing taxation system
- Anti-corruption laws and independent supervision on all parties involved
- Education for those who seek it kind of community

And a lot more, but this is the main thing, I will not promise I will write again about that, but I will try..


  • At 6:05 PM , Anonymous Abody said...

    Ok ,,,, since I lost my mind long ago as u well aware ,I read that n I'm gonna comment too :-)
    Obviously all the modern ways of economy already proven their failure and we need to invent a new tottal random and free of rules economic system that shall allow us to govern each separate sector in a different way Ex. For the basic non-renewable sectors where u don't need a R&D activity such as mining go for pure personal benefit free system where all should be equally treated for they all just a screw in the machine !!
    On the other hand on the other sectors where u need creativity say services u must allow for ppl to race as hard as they can to get to the big reward taking into consideration that some of that benifet must go back to the ppl who are financing that to begin with ...

  • At 6:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    First you can not answer marx if you never read marx

    second marx is not a perfect saint neither are his writings a religious text

    third communism has surpassed marx since neo marxists have developed his theories eventhu his great contribution to the criticism of the capitalist system remains widely accepted

    fourth you should understand that the argument between liberals and marxists is whether it is possible to reach social justice thru reforms of the capitalist system or the injustice is actually inherent in the system

    fifth it seems u r interested so here r some links that you might find interesting:

    Good luck in discovering marxists thoughts and critique of capitalism and any discussions would be most welcomed


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