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Monday, December 24, 2007

Building On before

My friend Amani had a nice comment on what i wrote earlier: "Loved the post (parts 1 and 2). Something not most ppl would sit and think about seriously like you did. Bass ana 3andi one comment. Enta ya handasa enherited the country in a sense of: government, big cities and millions of educated citizens who need jobs. I think this is all the dynamic (changing) part in a country. I would think a country is more about land, resources, citizens of all kinds (not necessarily educated, not necessarily in search of the jobs we look for). In that sense Egypt is a huge potential! More on this issue please"

I feel if we have those educated hard workers they can each lead a business that covers the needs of different segments of the population, they each can take on a sector with all its potential and make Egypt one of the leading countries in it, exporting expertise to the world and creating a price for the Egyptian worker based on real demand for them.

The education problems can be overcome by the same way, introducing the economy private education, schools for those who want to learn (not have to) and they cannot afford it. A more focused education that can identify the gifts a person has in one of the paths and direct them towards this path as to gain all the necessary skills and direct thier powers to what they do best.

Hope this answers it my friend