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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If I ran for president

Well, I am not so political, but let me say what I want to say here, this is my volcano, if I do not do that I might as well explode.

First I will have to have a clear mission, like in business, well my mission might be "Taking the country out of poverty while securing jobs for the masses." This is a great that would be a great mission statement from my point of view.

Of course you might start saying everyone say say & say and nothing happens. In this post we are only talking about the elections and the campaign.

next thing I will put my goals in there, which is basically breaking down this mission into points that you will reach, in other words you can call it mile stones, I can break that into:
- Increase foreign investment
- Retain domestic investment
- Train people to do their jobs well
- Reform the education system by not only importing ideas but also working on localising them and constantly innovate
- Create a market research department to understand the needs of people (coming from a research background) and it will be also doing social research
- Insure a local share in every foreign investment in Egypt to secure the businesses (If the multinationals want to leave later, the locals can buy it over)

This was top of mind, next I will talk about the steps I'll take to get my voice to the people


Monday, May 28, 2007

The Art of Doing It

No no no, not that it, how can you really do it, do what it takes to be what you want? I guess it is something you acquire by the years, or maybe be taught how to do it from day one.

That means that people who are born to parents who do not know how to do it have less chance to grow up knowing how to do it.

To conclude this meaningless post, you must be born lucky or do it the hard way, learn from your mistakes and try to catch up on what you missed...

It is moving fast now, don't miss it.