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Monday, July 31, 2006

It is time to speak

I think now is a good time to document my opinion, maybe the opinion of a lot more than me.

I did not find hot posts on Lebanon and what is going on there, sometimes we say "it goes without saying" I never understood this until now, why should I post was the first thing that came to my mind. We are all with Lebanon, even those not in favor of "7ezb Allah" or Hezbollah as the Americans like to call them still feel that Israel is way over its head and that what is happening in Lebanon is a shame.

I was facinated by the Nasrallah's speach broadcasted on AlManar which I saw on AlJazera.

This man deserves admiration, he deserves respect. While watching I remembered the Iraqi joker "Alsah-haf" when he used to bullshit the people on how ready they are and the fact was they had no clue what was coming.

Back to the great man - Nasrallah was calm as always, had an agenda he wanted to talk about and he did.

1. Israel is not winning
2. Lebanese - We won before and did not rule the country, you must not be scared of us.
3. Arab leaders - we don't need the support, just don't support israel based on american requests.
4. Syria and Iran - Thanks for the political support, we do not need yuou to fight our battle.
Last but not least, we still have more.

I appologize if I missed anything ... I'm human.

If you are of those who say he's Sheaa ask yourself this.
1. Who's his God?
2. What's his religion?
3. Who is his messanger?

There is only one right answer for each of these questions that can make you decide to support them or not.

Let's look at it from a non-muslim point of view.

Let's say you were walking in the street one night next to your honme and found 3 people beating up one skinny person and you are a built up guy and all your friends are just around the corner. You never saw this guy and do not know him and the eople beating him up are bullies and you saw them beat up anyone they could beat.

In your shoes I'd call my friends and stop this beating once and for all... Will you do the same? Think well

It's a mess, and we need to stop it.