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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

January 2011 - For History

25 Jan: Business meeting in Zamalek, overview of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, small numbers trying to reach Tahrir, with fail, 6 Oct brdg was clear, went back to office, got the news about the demonstrators from a friend every now and then

26 Jan: Office following FB, still yet did not know anything about how Twitter works, then home following the news, internet was falling down bit by bit

27 Jan: Same as 26th with less internet access can't remember what else I did, probably meeting with same people reviewing 25th meeting, midnight going back home with Ahmed Younis saying today we do not have SMS service, all data was down

28 Jan: Prayers, went around to check starting points announced, nothing except Abbas elAkad, took 6Oct brdg to mohandeseen to check out other starting points, on the way more people were heading to Tahrir, got a few videos and left

Checking were the police had blocked and came back to demonstrators to tell them about it, while doing that I went from Kitkat, Imbaba bridge, 15th May brdg then back to 6oct

On the way back people stopping on the brdg, I stopped for about 45 mins, trying to go down from where the police truck was burnt later and got a handful of tear gas, followed the instructions and left back to private office to rest and meet someone I couldn't reach and check some news

By dusk, I decided it will be like 25th and no one will be able to go into the sq. and we failed for the day, I took my wife, kid and my wife's sister to drop the last off at her house next to Ma3had Nasser hospital, korniesh shobra

Trying to go back home, Shobra had started to burn, trying to take alternative routs, I came across a few demos near Arkedia and then in Gala2 st.

Still not sure what to do I headed back home fearing my family loss

29 Jan: Went to buy supplies, following the news, the mosques started to call for support before Asr prayer and during Asr they said we all go down by dusk, then they called to immediate response, and we started to fill the streets, by the Nasr City police station was burnt, spent the night with neighbors till 5 or 6 in the morning

30 Jan: Woke up early, went to attend a meeting with a group of supporter who do not spend the night, reach a bit late, attended 20 mins, got nothing and was briefed later, went to Tahrir, talked with a lot of people, going home later very supportive, no internet yet

Went home, slept for an hour, went down again for legan sha3beyah

31 Jan: Went to in-laws, dropped of my kid, went to Tahrir, same same

1 Feb: That's another post


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