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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Durex issue

"Does not affect future fertility (decreases women's risk for developing pre-cancerous cells on the cervix.) and has no hormonal side effects."

This was one of a few reasons to use condoms written on the Durex website, yes Durex, i saw the ad on my messenger and I was curious on thier positioning, ya I'm turning into a workoholic, well not really turning but I am a workoholic.

Well the point, do they really tell you why women have a risk for developing pre-cancerous cells or rather cancer?

Well, it's known medically that having more than one man (i.e. more than one sperm type on the cervix) can and will get this woman cancer, and this is a fact.

One more thing, the cervix can accept a new man after 3 months, yes 90 days and the cervix is as clean as a virgin.

Something I never wrote about, and I don't intend to write much about, religion, yes Islam, almost 1400 years ago we had a messenger he told us, when a couple get a divorce, the woman cannot remary before 3 months had past, yes those same 3 months that take the cervix to go back to normal and be ready to accept another man's sperms.

Dig it up if you got intrested


We WoN

Well, I was too late to buy tickets to the game, so we opted to go to a friend's house and watch it there, it was fun, but not as much as going to the game, but fun.

It was 3 - 1 a very wierd game, not as expected, we KICKED ASS it was one of those games that you won't get up to open the door if your life depended on it.

Later we went down in our main street in Mohandeseen to watch the celebration and pass by a place for coffee, the streets were full of happy people.

Let me tell you a bit about this street 6 years ago, when we won the African Nations Cup, it was baaaaaaaaaaad, people were smoking pot on the street, celebrating but very differently, with a touch of aggressiveness, they were bothering the passers who obviously are Egyptians and are too happy for our victory.

Now these people took a side, yes blocking part of this street but there is space for those who want to reach somewhere, 6 years ago a girl couldn't have went down and celebrated in peace, now they could, yes they were few, but they were as happy as guys were and it wasn't a sin.

Is this a change in attitude or is it just a coincidence? I hope it's a change, I really hope so.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Na Se Kala

This is Greek for "Be well..." and also can be in the context of a sarcastic "Thank you..." not really thanking him/ her just a wish to be good for whatever they did.

Like in Arabic "Allah yesam7ak" or "May god forgive you" you say it to people when they did something that hurt you from inside, like a GF/BF when breaking up a long love story.

By now you must be wondering what all that is about, well it's not about anything, it's just a song I heard for Anna Vissi called Na Se Kala, and I loved it, even before I knew what it said.

Really wierd thing to write

Ate re

A football game!!?! Or is it...

Am I picking up pace? I hope it's a yes, I wanna be a real blogger :)

To my topic, is it about football? I don't know, just let me tell you a few facts.

1. We won our first game.
2. We have a bad history with Morocco.
3. A draw was the next match.
4. All Egyptians are supporting the football team.
5. I'm supporting the football team.
6. I have no intrest in football.
7. I am wishing from all my heart that we win this next match.
End of facts.

What I saw in my circle of friends and family that they all found an opprtunity (just like I did) to belong.

These days we lost our identity, we are just too scattered to group on one thing and this game gave us this chance, it gave us something to relate to and have a common hope.

Deep down we want that but we just don't know how.

And now for the change part, can't we just ocus on our own good, group on having a better life, better economy, beter and cleaner steets, more organized traffic.

I know for a fact that if we put our minds to it, we'll do it, our potential is way to good.

I hope we change fast.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

A trip and a trip

I'm a slow blogger I know, I might get used to it soon and write more frequently, anyways, here is what this is about.

I left for a training course in Cyprus on the 28th of August 2005, 5 weeks of not so hard work, lots of time to roam around the island, see new places and know new people.

My experince cannot be named but marvelous, I really enjoyed not seeing policemen anywhere, I enjoyed relatively clean street, extremely different driving attitude and last but not least people leaving others alone (as far as I was concerned).

Deep down I really wish I lived there, well actually I still think about it as an option when the right time comes.

This trip... Different people... different culture... different attitude. All good

My recent experince, Basata, for those who don't know it, it's a resort between Newaibaa' and Taba on the east coast of Sinai.

They have resort rules, the owner or one of the guys working there show you around and tell you about it, no high mobile rings, no loud music (you can have your iPod in your ears) signs all around to keep the sand clean, one kitchen for everyone, a big fridge for everyone, public toilets (Clean ones), they use salted water for flushing, cleaning plates with another sink filled with water to risen the salted water, they operate on a trust factor, everyone have a sheet in which they write down what they take. A real enviroment friendly place, this is not what I was amazed by, it was simply the people, obeying the rules voluntarily, happy to live in a clean place, organised, friendly and to my amazement they were mostly egyptians, YES, those same egyptians that I've been nagging about how unorganized they were.

In short I would say the trip was... same people... same culture... different attitude. All good.

Can Cairo be like that one day?
If a small group of people are like that, I think gradually we will change.

But I still have this deep passion for Lefkosia :)